Lee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting in Malaysia


Hi lovelies! I'm sure you guys aware of  this. LEE freakin KWANG SOO is in Malaysia omg do u guys freak out lmao me as well though. If you're one of Runningman's fan im sure u know this tall guy very well. Lee Kwang-Soo who is known as the framing master, betrayer, and giraffe in Running Man. It's suprising how he was originally only known to be timid and quiet at the show’s commencement but slowly became the show’s resident traitor as betrayal became all the more prominent in the show. His damn hilarious and charismatic personality in Running Man propels him into international stardom and even given the title of Asia’s Prince because of his immense popularity across Asia. Enough of mukadimah, so the Fan Meeting will be held at 7pm, 4th January 2014, that is absolutely yes, tomorrow in KWC Fashion Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Since I'm here, in Sarawak, I didnt have that freakin fortunate chance to meet him though. Ah lucky KLians. The fact that you guys get a chance to see him perform and dance live whilst getting to know him up close is just so devastating lmao im happy for behalf of you  ok not tbh. Alright this is enough bcs I need to rant about Kwang Soo on Twitter hah bye! xx

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