The inspiring Hijabi Bengali Sisters


Hi lovelies! I know it's been ages since my last personal post u know ive been busy with those GAs with awesome prizes. And yes i won a giveaway last time, it's sis farra's ga. I won a dress and a shawl! Hee Alhamdulillah 
So... I've found this one page on fb, im not really sure where and when i found it, it just happened to be on my fb timeline. It's The Hijabi Bengali Sisters. I'm sure most of u guys know this kindhearted siblings since they're quite well-known with their youtube channel thats purely about Deen and Dawah! What I love about them is that they are not about fashion. It's so moving  Monika and Nashiha are the bengali sisters as u see and they're so inspiring me like a lot. I love how they inspired the women out there to wear hijab and still look beautiful and u better read their post in theire fb page. I don't even know how many times i cried reading em hahaha i honestly touched though wow. Here i have a few of their posts (printscreen guna phone je ye hehe)

How can u not love them right? So as i said, they're inspiring younger muslims out there to wear hijab and well im one of those who fascinated by their well-inspiring-session. I've been wearing hijab aka tudung ye hehe since im 6years old bcs it attracts me when i saw my mom weared it.
But im not that pemakai tudung yang tegar (wow sorry it sounds too harsh idk what word to even describe my situation hehe) but since ive been possesed by the bengali sister, and how they inspiring me, and how they reminds me of Allah, and how i aware that i still look hot in hijab(hahahaha) i suddenly think that i should cover myself more. No more chipsmore chipsmore kdg-kdg tak pakai tudung, kdg-kdg pakai. InshaAllah :))
And yeah thanks to them, i changed my mind to be a freehair girl since i thought i looked fat when im in hijab. But then i thought, i am originally fat bah so why bothered ? 52kg aint a matter anymore ;p (it will in a few months hahaha)

Alright, so I guess this is more than enough ! Till next time, guys! (And hopefully it won't be 3 months from this post. Hehehehhe. )
Happy 15th of December and have a fantastic month ahead of you xxxxxxxx

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