it's been awhile


it's been awhile though. so... miss me ? ugh so ive decided to write AGAIN bcs i need shoulder to cry on and fortunately my blog have quite a broad shoulder so yeah lets give a big hand. it is surely something to brag at tho. hee lame introduction ha. *hey u big ost is playing*
      so there was like a lot of things happened this lately haha but im not going to tell everything bcs certain things are good to remain secret. i will just tell ya the things that i can describe with my lady-like finger ;) first and foremost.. GIRLS FIGHT ha ha omg do you by chance watch girls fight ? that drama film starring Jodelle Ferland. where girls fight over a stupid thing hahaha lame but that drama is seriously daebakk ! no doubt. dont expect something crazy bcs that is not what im going to tell ya right now. so.. lets just conclude what had happened as a lesson bcs im wayy too lazy to type what he actual awful scenes. (too private tho) what the good thing is after 16 years of being a good sweet  girl (ha) i finally feel that terrible feeling when you got quite amount of hate that can even build a DAMN HUGE shopping mall with it and everyone (not really) talking about you like evrytime in social network haha but i cant really confront the difficulty of becoming one of the person that they hate sigh. frankly speaking, i just really not used to this kind of matter.
      and also, ive lost one of my friend. hes gone. like forever. hes probably in heaven right now. the nicest guy ever. just call him and he do send you out to school with a big heart. sunsilk scent comes out from his back(or his hair) and that smile that can bright the whole bowl. a tall good looking guy. the guy who comes to my house at night bcs of korean drama School 2013. running man is the reason we meet every week, that winter the wind blows, a korean drama that havent completely transfer, bogoshipta that i havent watch till the end bcs i do cry as i will think about him. it was a total heart breaking when i found out when his heart was being stole by my own classmate, lucky Kharmila. hes a guy who doesnt care to text first. i still remember, back then, everytime i saw him, i'll ask for his phone number(not bcs im that cheap gal) but bcs hes so adorable and bcs we're close ha ha ha. okay im i creeping you guys out ? talking and bragging about a dead guy is seriously inappropriate but you know, as we're growing up, we will tend to forget certain things and i dont want to get rid of this memories though. well, it's precious bcs i like him since i was 6 years old (before i moved to belawai) plus, hes the only my good looking neighbour at belawai so yeaaa...... sigh i miss him already tbh ha ha ha -_-
      back to danger, i'll making a tortilla today bcs im seriously and utterly craving for it. and do you by chance know that tortilla is pronounced as tor-tee-ya. a useful info ha ? thanks to me ;p right gtg my dad is coming..

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