new month, new look


ASSALAMUALAIKUM AND BONJOUR oh god its been quite a long time since i didnt update this pathetic blog ha ha and yeah here i am. ive been wayy~ too busy with my unimportant stuff idek yeah the lack of ideas and slow internet connection explains everything
ehhhhh tet tet tet do you guys realized something different in here ? aigoo IT'S MY BLOG new look, fresh one, and a vampire-like-blog. sebelum ni, ada yg cakap header je vampire diaries blognya tak ada unsur vampire langsung okay hahahhaha im afraid that it'll freak you guys out and no one would visit my blog tsk and now,on this new look, ive added something a lit~tle bit vampire. helo its background tho. it's black. do that freak you out ? lmao i guess no i know you guys would probably think THAT VINTAGE BLACK BACKGROUND ? HA HA SO FUNNY okay mulamula aku nak jugak buat pink je background tu lahai aku kan suka pink dah tu aku pike hek eleh tak kan pink je kut so then i decide to change it and here's the result :D pink and black vampire blog. what do you guys think ? lol it looks terrific T.T
DO YOU KNOW i stay up late till 6am this morning just to make sure my blog looks scarier than before ? ha ha ha im serious from 1am till 6am well i used to stay up late so its not a big deal though.
well, too much for now ! but actually i feel this entry is quite short but i know you guys feel completely boring lmao and ya ! do gives a feedback about my blog i'll accept it with a big heart la sangat okay byebye au reviour le nigga xx and yeah excuse my grammar mistakes

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