lame holiday


Well.. It's holiday! Actually week two of holiday. Holiday is so far so boring I guess. With stay in belawai, fangirling over boyband, watching tv, or spend time with laptop in your room thing just make holiday even worst gahh. I never hate holiday before and now I am. Hating. And complaining. When will this holiday stuff will end.
It's not that worst since I have my brothers and dad here now. I didn't get to see them that much though, so a 3 week holiday will do.
And about how I spend my holiday. Oh god I don't wannna spoil this entry with something boring but yea have to
First... TWEETING of course the my twitter is the first thing I think about of when I woke up in the morning. I have a boyband to fangirl over though, so it's necessary to keep in track with what my boys up to. Concerts and dramas are what I live for. Well, the fandom can't just keep their timeline quiet. Oh and the twitter new look is just an ew

Second.. The Vampire Diaries. Oops whose blog??? Yeah, my blog. No not I'm not talking about this lame blog right now. It's The Vampire Diaries. The Stefan and Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, Katherine Pierce , Caroline, Bonnie etc. Is2g Damon is HOT. Way to hot alright Salvatores are hot wow how can Paul and Ian got that hot body by the way wow. Oh I replayed season 1 and 2 bcs I sort of forget what I've watched on 2011. Wow 2011, still in form 2 though. Wuu naïve... 'What's so hot about Damon?' katanya hahahaha now you know what hot means mirah. I've finished that's season 5 thing and I'm so like damn excited and soooo looking forward to watch season 6 though! Lexi's alive! Like ffs. Damon killed her though ah this is gonna be so nerve-wrecking.

Alright enough of the two things I do on my l a m e (lamb) holiday. Good bye beautiful creatures! Have a mad holiday! Xx

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