raya 2017


hello! and happy 29th Syawal! Is it, or it last day alrdy ah idk nvm. Never too late for a raya post right #rayakansebulan #sismasihberaya As usual, I beraya at my nenek's house instead of my grandpa's house bcs there so many people there(?) I plan to like post this entry ages ago but uh mcm biasa caught up with so many kdramas. LIKE WHY THERE SO MANY GOOD DRAMAS NOW AHH. Im currently on my 3 months semester break so I can watch drama without having to listen to my dad's rant. Okay talk trash no more, here some ugly pic of me on 1st rya until what raya i dont know lah. gigih tak gigih sis edit gamba engkoooo. im sangat antisocial this year so i dont went out that much. not going out means no raya pic. thats it.
p/s : transferring photos from ip to pc is the legit definition of the struggle is reaal mennn why so susah do eff la thiss.

my sole intention was just to brag how good my nails look

its so obvious that we're cousins

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some selfies wont hurt

also to show off my manicure

my bro is the only one who volunteerily want to take pic with me

raya with friends is a must!

my dad is so awkward, my younger sis is too cute and i look like pissa shat
OKAY THATS IT. Did u guys even realized that I wore the same skirt hahhahha Im so done, I totally forgot to buy the skirt because I was so into the tops until lah the day before raya hahaaah im so silly. Alrght I think thats enough rant for today. See ya guys next raya! Insha Allah :D hahahha its so dumb to not have emoji on the laptop keyboard.

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