96 types of roommates


hello! WELCOME BACKKKK! so yeah, now you know why i put gabbie gif as my intro pic. so its been awhile since i updated this dusty thang right here. its our midsem breaaaakkk so i finally got time to write this ish out. im listening to Humble by Kendrick Lamar now and man this song is sickkkkk i loveeee it damnn. like, bitch sits down, be humble.

alright. im gonna talk about ROOMMATES, or housemates, or apartmentmates, marhalahmates, or whatever ish mates you have. now that i have been livin in hostel kinda thing, for like 2years something? i pretty much encounter many types of roommates. from my own experiences, and also form my other friends. like ya know, we girls always talking bad about own roommate like who nevurrrr.
so number one, the best friends forever roommate. like you did everything together, eat together, shop together, study together, not study together, hate the same person together, sleep together and all. THIS KIND OF ROOMMATES ROCK! I have it back in KML and now we terdampar dkt different u. I kat UNIMAS, one dkt UMS and one dkt UITM but yeap we still keep in touch with each other though oh how i miss that two monkeys.

number 2, the Smule roommate. LIKE WE ALL HAVE THIS ROOMMATE DONT YOU LIE. this roommate is that particular roommate that sing her or his lung out but doesnt even sound that good. they sing all the effin time as if they are Celine Dion but nu uh you are not my dear, my ear is bleeding here ya see, bj. like im trying so hard to read my Microbiology notes right here and youre singing Rockabye right there, nu uh baby nu uh. Just shut the eff up.

number 3. the cheap roommate. this roommate is the one that hides their foods from you or doesnt even know what sharing actually mean and look like. Like damn, I give, no no, I even asingkan my food for you to eat okay, especially for you but you? nahhhh you rather watch me drooling over your famous amos rather than givin me half of that ish? you son of a peacock. like, can you pls offer to share it? its not that i can 'oh hi can you give me just a quarter of that small shit right there tq' nope you cant. ya feel me?
number 4. the PTPTN rommate. this is that roommate who alwayssss borrow something from you. LIKE DO U NOT HAVE A COMB U PISSA SHAT. and of course, you wouldnt be so mad if they give it back, but nope, thats not the case. they had it for themselves okay, for themselves, until you mintak, baruk diberikk koh sampe kita tuk malu jak gik nak mintak yah kau rasa, mintak barang mpun pun malu aih. They, as well borrow your shampoo, your toothpaste, your 3in1 milo, then ask for your tampons, and then foods, and then your bed and the list goes on and on.

number 5, that first class dean list roommate, the one who study all the effin time, like man, im here laughing my ass off over Kim Bok Joo and you there like 'shhh im trying to memorize the whole Biochemistry textbook here'. i do like to have that kind of roommate though, surely motivates me to study lohh, hahhah as if.

i lost count, okay whatver number that is, next one is the one who keeps cockroach as their pet. like this roommate is the worst i suppose. like i can handle noisy roommate but dirty roommate, nu uh, the one that makes  the room smell like kitchen trash, nu uh. no no. this rommate is that one rommate who showers 5times a week. 5times a week is not okay okay. the one who keep their leftover foods under the bed and left it for a year and half(i exaggerate a bit k) the one who din do their laundry, and of course the one who smells like rotten oranges. If youre that dirty, get yourself a single room, to save another innocent life, please.

contrary to the above, the next one is a clean freak roommate. yeapp, being a clean freak is also a nuisance ya see. its not like they being oh we should clean this room once  a week, no no, its that roommate that clean the dust on her wardrobe every day, twice a day at that. its that rommate who be like oh hi there roommate a strand of hair fall from your head do you mind sapu that off hhahhahah i actually type that with That Poppy voice behind my head hahahhaha, creepyy im into Poppys songs nowadays though, it turns out to be very good lel
okay so thats it for types of roommates, i can like write another ten more but neh i seriously need to study for my exam next week so byeeeeeee *shows Liza Koshy teeth

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