what people do after exam


hyeeee! so im backk, after 2weeks of brain-tortured exam thingy which make me feel like dying and quit college. AND IM A FIRST YEAR STUDENT AT THAT hahahahhahah and all the 3rd 4th year senior who reads this be like

Alright. Its pretty much the first week of my semester break so I pretty much doing nothing right now. Just woke up late, paints my nails black and blue, eat, washing dishes, doing  not in the morning ish housechores, and watching youtubers on youtube talking about random things with fellow on holiday mode friends ah yea. So thats one of the thing people do after exam, but but but I'm gonna start it formally bcs MAN I GOT MANNER whaDDUP.
So, the first thing first is, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE COLLEGE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE bcs man I CANT STAND BREATHING IN SUCH A STUFFY EDUCATED AIR FOR SO LONG. Some people booked their tickets like an hour or two after exam, while me, 6hrs after exam bcs i take precautions babyy. And some people a week after exam, which is RIDICULOUS AF. Well, its usually boys, for us girls, NA UH now means now, I cant wait to see my effin cute cat which I dont have one sittin on my lap, cant wait to see my tomato I grew up in my room, cant wait to see my dusty af room, cant wait to eat free local foods and of course cant wait to see your familyyy wuuuuuu. I'm emotional liddat people.

Number two! Fast check. Well, fast check is pretty much what nurddss like me did. Checking out through notes and OH MY GOD I DID THAT RIGHT OH MY GOD IS THAT THE ANSWER NO IM SO GONNA FAIL THIS PAPER. 

Yeapp, then throw away all the notes, bc man I DONT NEED THAT ISH ANYMORE IM SO GONNA PASS THIS PAPER AND NOT REPEATING IT A YEAH. Well, hopefully I did  well, oh my goodness, result is out next week. Bye, solat  hajat luu.
Okay am back from my solat hajat. Third one, quick calculations. Although I might be the worst Asian that sucks at maths, I still have my calculator though, and of course, what do you even calculate? YESS THE PASSING AND A MARKS. 'Okay, I got 42 for my carry marks, I got another effin 40 to get A' 'OH MY GOD MY CARRY MARKS SO LOW I NEED 40 TO PASS' yadayada trust me people, miracles do happen. Just believe in it.

Next, prepare your parents. I dindnt know if other parents did this, 'How was the exam?' but my dad still do it like everytime since I was in my mom's womb. Out of all people in the world, my dad cares about grades so so much. I got 5As for my SPM like 3years ago, or is it 2, he told me 'can you repeat the paper? your result wasnt that good' breaks my heart the most HAHAHAHAH i wa s like nooooooo dadddd Im like the 2nd best student why would youuuuu. yeah 2nd one bcs Rebecca Goh is undefeatable. She got like 6As nuhhh our school is like that, dont be suprise hahahhaha. AND THIS LEADS TO, 'because anyone did average, it's okay for me to get average too'. HAHAHAHA ITS LIDDAT BABYYY. 'Okay ka exam?' 'NOOO, EVERYONE SAID ITS DIFFICULT I DONT THINK I DID A GOOD ONE' whyyyy? Just bcs evryone did bad too, so you think it is okay to do bad as well? EFFING YESSS.

Last but not least, what people do after exam is, DECAYING. Or bahasa melayunya, MEREPUT AF. Downloading all Kdramas that ever existed in the world, or watch all HIMYM series all over again bcs you just miss Neil Patrick and his legen... aryy ish, finish the 8th seasons of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals bcs bae is hot af, doing some youtube marathons on Ryan Higa bcs HES MY BAE AND HES NOT DATING ARDEN CHO FOR GOD SAKE, admiring how adorable Lizza Koshy and David Dobrik are, tweeting Louis Tomlinson since 2011 but havent got not a single reply, and of course, stalking crushES on instagram wondering what he did on holiday(he havent updated any, I guess he doesnt have wifi back in Kodah?), or watching Adventure Time bcs I just missin Jack so muchh oh that yellow thang damnnn
Alright, this brunette(my hair dye just faded and it turns into some kind of copper ish now, doesnt look that good anymore) is OUTTT. Byee less than three

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