my exam starter packkkk


HELLO! Its your girl Amirah, comin at youuuu. Seem familiar Lizza Koshys fans?
Its freakin exam fever nowww. And oh my bad, HAPPY NEW YEAR HUMANS!  I am still in my freakin study week mode though its alrdy my very first paper yesterday yess, you do not read it wrong, It's yeserday, on a freakin new year eve day. Welcome to college life sucker. So of course being a student I am, study week starter pack is a must, Atleast for most student, well atleast for me especially. I shopped and wasting so much money week before study week though. I mean like you have to stay or hibernate in the freakin college for a week man. Well, you can go out, but THAT WILL BE A WASTE OF TIME. giteww *future valedictorian is speakin ya gais
luckily for me, I WENT BACK TO MY HOMETOWN ON STUDY WEEK whaDDUP. like why eating maggi and  and hibernate when you can eat warm food full of love? im glad I went back home. I can focus more and I dont have to worry about money and I get free food and all. But now that im back in college I barely study though but isnt that college are for? Place for u to study(and also cuci mata girl u know what I mean) but neh wifi too laju here lohh keep watching youtube videos ja aigeeee. I rant too much wtf so back title, exam starter pack. Here are some compulsory exam week thingy. 

So first we have,... 

INSTANT NOOODLESSS or student called it maggi. Its always called it maggi no matter what brand. This is stater pack for a pemalas as frick like me, AMIRAH LANGUANGE  PLS and 54k other students who doesnt want to change their outfits into a better one just t buy a meal dekat cafe which 5km away from your college. 
number 2, drug. eh dont do drug people, its COFFEE.
im too lazy to  take off my phone off  the charger plug so yeah

 Im not a fan of coffee. WAS once, then I get sick of it but caramel macchiato is still bae. I took the photo of my roommates coffee, since i din drink one. I only had milo(aka bae)
and instant tea(aka another bae).
It tasted nice and it doesnt make the toilet smelled like coffee ew.

theres more but meh too lazy to take it all out

third one, JUNK FREAKIN FOODS. Well, this is a must though. u know how it makes us hungrier when we actually use our brain to think than run for 5km? No? Yes just made that up 5mins ago. But man you get freaaaakiinnn hungry after studying istg. These junk foods of course helps you to stay sane. If im hungry I sleep meh. So I eat. 

And also we have some nutritional food right here. NESTUM. Yup I know it says mushroom popcorn but its the healthy energy booster nestum right inside that cute pail-like container. Nestum is of course, for breakfast (although i woke up at noon) I still should have my breakfast before anything.

next one, TISSUE. in case you wanted to cry because u havent finish your freakin revision yet. yeah yeah i feel ya child, i feel ya. *pats

And also, some friendly reminder on what you shouldnt do on study week, or exam week. So as you can see here, my biggest enemy is kdrama. whaDDUP FELLOW KDRAMA ADDICTS. Like I cant wait to finish this freakin exam because THIS GIRL HERE GOT 78 DRAMAS to watch. Okay? Okay.

Last but not least, bunch of notes, because you need it man. To make you look like youre studying but you actually dont. HAHAHAH no I did not do that. 
So thats it. my own exam starter pack. Share what yours by commenting down below, Although i know there will be no comment at all. Sad life alert. Neh writing on blog itself makes me happy though *statement org sik pemes* 
okay, im out. byeeeee 
*maybe some of you are prolly pretty disturbed by the filter but trust me, its night and using NONE i mean by this NONE
make my photos look dark so i used CHROME instead. 

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