kdramas (September edition)


Hello! Im back, of course, with the same amount of fabulousness this time as well. This is the first post I write since a month ago, I reckon. Is it a month alrdy idk. It is! Gosh time flies. Im a college student now eececcecece, I think theres so much lesisure time compare to matriculation kan, maybe sebab first year still. I can still watch all the current kdramas, I still can sleep 16hrs a day and all. College life aint so  bad I think(soo first year student statement) oh! I get to pursue my degree in UNIMAS btw haih so near kan. Me so likeyyyy. Gosh so much trash talk going on, lets just start with  KDRAMAS I CURRENTLY WATCH SEPTEMBER EDITION. Ive wrote a post on kdramas for last month as well, you can read it HERE


LIKE HOW ON EARTH CAN ONE POSSIBLY NOT WATCH THIS DRAMA? Im always a fan of Saguek, or historical korean drama AND MAN HOW CAN I NOT WATCH THIS. The casts alone intimidates the kdrama fans out there. Starring, IU, Lee Joon Gi(my nampyeon), Kang Ha Neul, and other handsome actors, this drama is totally a MUST WATCH drama. Not gonna talk about the plot, just freakin watch it yourself okay. Anddd, beware of second lead syndrome. SLS hurts me so bad.. so bad...
 U can watch it here: KISSASIAN or MYASIANTV
status: still airing(episode 9)


Another sageuk.. This one particular sageuk is the one im looking forward the most, bcs oh well, my bias Park Bogeom is the male lead man! Wuuu. But it doesnt meet expectation, well, maybe bcs i dont fancy Kim Yoojung so much that all scenes became so boring. Its a bit ridiculous as well. How can you not recognized a girl right away, Yoojung is too pretty to be true though. Im not so into girl disguised as boy kind of drama like HOW COULD U NOT KNOW MAN. Despite not liking it as much as I like scarlet heart, i still watch it bcs of my dumpling Bogummie~~
u can watch Moonlight Drawn by Clouds HERE or HERE
status: still airing(episode 10)


Another youll-surely-get-second-lead-syndrome drama. Gosh, I hate this kind of drama. Why would they make the second lead so nice and handsome and perfect. I seriously will have a deep talk with the writers for making the drama tat way. Like, especially this drama. Im not a fan of Jo Jungsuk in the first place, and having him, acted so poorly in this drama just broke my heart so much, Amboi, pandai kritik act org dah eh lol. Well, thats a mere unpopular opinion of mine. The second lead is actually Go Kyung pyo, I watched his previous drama reply 1988 before and have been his fan since that. AND OMG HES SO HOT IN THIS DRAMA AND SO COOL IM SO DONE. And Gong Hyojin did great! Gosh, how can you not love her.
Watch Jealousy Incarnate HERE or HERE
status: still airing(ep 10)


OH GOODNESS. not another second male lead rocks pls... idk what hapened to kdramas nowadays, how can they make me have a multiple second lead syndrome at one time. BAD SO BAD. This drama is like the sequel of Lets Eat and Lets Eat 2. Ive watched LE 2 before, so this drama is pretty much like other lets eat thing, but this drama is where they drink, quite frequent, which is boring. I dont like especially when Park Hana drinks, idk I hate how it "keeeeeee' and crushed the can afterwards. I. HATE. IT. But yay for the plot and the casts, bcs I like it a lot! GONGMYUNG IS ONE HOT THING FOR SURE.
watch Drinking Solo online HERE or HERE

Well thats it! Ive kurangkan time spend to watch drama, a bit, now that im a college student kan. HAHAAHHAHAAHA. And heres drama that i still watch daripd bulan lepas lagi,

thats it! bye xxxx

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