kdramas I currently watch (August edition)


annyeong yeorobunn! I know I've been writing more frequently than I did before but that is thanks to my procrastination but now that my blog looks a lot more decent than before, i should write more right huahuahuahua.  so I wanted to share the list of kdramas that I currently watch on tv as well as online. i always enjoy watching kdramas, im sure you guys too :p even masa study week I watched descendants of the sun bah i stll remember last april, our finals bah masa tu, yet i still can watch it so late at night aigooooo (last episode bah that one, I just cant wait to watch it) keke. and i watch multiples drama at one time though, and now Im watching 9dramas HAHAHAHA. I had to distract myself though, plus, its still airing, and only 2episodes released per week. Only a few yang finish already. okay stop the rants lets go go go

DOCTORS like who doesnt watch doctors though! it was almost as hot as DOTS. im not a fan of Park Shinhye before bcs of her weak girl character but man she really nailed it this time! gangster character suits her so well! me likeyyy. and beware of second lead syndrome, Yoon Kyunsang is quite hot though
status : on going(latest ep; 17)

BEAUTIFUL GONGSHIM this drama is a bit underrated, well, its underrated with reasons though. the plot is not that great, its just very funny and u get attched to just the first few episode and the humour doesnt last long. I dropped it twice, but now im back on track. hopefully Gong Shim will take off that ugly wigs though. Its. Just. Hideous.
status : finish airing

same hyun ji same

LETS FIGHT GHOST taecyeon is backkk babyy. of course, undoubtedly, he really is a talented idol-actor. this drama is about this Bong Pal guy(Taecyeon) who able to comunicate with ghost. of course, bcs of his should i called it 'talent', he works as an exorcist and yadayada one day he met kim hyun ji(Kim So Hyun uri agiii) a high school ghost and they work together gether. despite being a ghost, hyun ji fell in love with bongpal bah(like who will not), and UNNIE SHIP U GUYS SO HARD AW. Honestly deep in my heart, I hope Hyun Ji is not a ghost, but instead shes in coma and her spirit wandered finding the reason why shes killed. HAHAHHHAAHAAHA
status : ongoing (latest episodes; 12)

UNCONTROLLABLY FOND this drama is of course hot like goreng pisang right now, with Kim Woo Bin and Korea's national sweetheart, Bae Suzy starring in it, one couldnt possibly not watching this drama. The plot is a quite bland, only the casts make it works. Like, I can predict how the ends already. Woo Bin will die in the end bcs of his illness and yeah Suzy live happily ever after with Im Juhwan wkwkwkwwkwkwk. yeah, im imaginary like that.
status : ongoing(latest ep; 14)

VAMPIRE DETECTIVES starring Lee Joon. Man his character in this drama is veryyyyy gentle, but this drama is lack of its vampirious scene though. me dont likeyy. Its a 12 episodes crime solving drama. if youre expecting romance, nay nay this is no the right drama. I havent finish it venthough its only had 12 eps lol. And btw, Lee Seyoung is jinjjja yepudda! Lee Chungah as villain is quite ew like what on earth chungah unnie, idk maybe bcs I watched her previous drama kan where her character sangat nice and elegant bah lol
status: finish airing

W TWO WORLD i dont care if you guys are not one of kdramas fan, but this drama IS A MUST WATCH!! Highly recommended! This drama is about a doctor accidently masuk into her dads webtoon, and there, she met Kang Chul(Lee Jongsuk) and yadaydadayada just watch it yourself! Ive watched thousands dramas so far and is2g this drama has a reaaally unique plot and also the casts bah. THE HANDSOME TALL MANLY LEE JONG SUK MY BABY, and also Han Hyo Joo. I hate Han Hyojoo before though, really, bcs shes so gedik (yes excuse my judgementalness) but mannnn her character in W is soo wow! thumb ups girl! im ur fan now! :p

MY AMAZING BOYFRIEND. Well, this is not a korean drama, its a chinese drama, MY VERY FIRST chinese drama for exact. Its a chinese version of Man from the Star. Im sure you guys know MFTS. It was quite hot back then. But, its completelyyy different from korean one though. Watch it! Youll know what I mean. Its a 28 episodes drama so yeah, kalau dah panjag, drama nya pun banyak, tak habis habis kut. But, the casts ARE ALL SO CUTEEEEE! ME LIKEYYYYY and btw, the guy is no chinese. Hes a korean, a korean model but works actively in China. yadayada
status: finish airing

AGE OF YOUTH oooooo this one is my favv fav fav right now. Its a very simple drama but mannnnn its so good, or should i said, AMAZING. Its so realistic and fun to watch. So here a brief summary; its about 5 college girls who lives in a house(diff grades and age). I like how the drama is so easy to relate to and really potrays the life of college students, like me, like us wkwkwk. Also had a hint of mystery which males it more fun and forget not, CUTE GUYSSS kekeke
status: ongoing (latest ep; 8)

aigooo uri ahn jaehyun

CINDERELLA AND FOUR KNIGHTS. Yess, another Park Sodam drama. She just finished shooting for Beautiful Mind and now, CAFK. Way to go girl! This drama is also sooooo good! Really. The visuals of the cast I just man...... are you guys even human. ESPECIALLY MY AHN JAE HYUN. Go Hyesun you lucky girl. The only thing about this drama is theres Naeun. Sorry not sorrry Im not a fan of Naeun, no,  in fact I dont like her. And that kissing scene with Ahn Jaehyun is just Y.Y Hyesun pls kill her for kissing your husband! Jeballll T.T
status : ongoing (latest ep; 2)

AND THATS IT! All dramas I currently watch this August. Since Ill leave for college next week, I dont think I can watch it all anymore *cries
p/s : dont forget to share what dramas you guys currently watch too! much love xx

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