after and before plastic surgery


My blog went through a surgery last week, and it lasted about 5days. And finally, all praises to Allah, the surgery has ended today and it begins to heal. Well actually, the surgery ended 2days ago, but due to some side effects, me, the doctor in charge have to deal with the surgery again, and had to bear with a veryyyyy slow internet connection. I change my blog from blogskin to designer type because I thought it would be easier, but just like my grandma always said, dont judge the book by its cover ternyata itu semua duniawi dusta, blogskin is wayy easier. Since i got some issues with my follower gadget, I left with no other choice but to use the mighty complicated template designer.
I first changed it into the one i downloaded from this site and i loveeee it, it works perfectly, but then i got a comment on how berat my blog was and my cbox also tak dapat load. I try to buang all the useless sidebar thing, but it still wont work, so i came to this decision TUKAR TEMPLATE BARU. Its hard to change it again, since internet sangat sangat slow. But neh, rather than having blog yang berat gila kann bagus tukar je. (one solid proof that im a really patient af person)
And fortunately, I found this theme expose site and went through all the templates they got. After a good 5hours, I found this template. Of course I fall in love at the first sight tengok template tu. And the great thing is, my blog loads faster and i loveee the the fact that it's so simple, unlike my previous blogskin yang macam apa gosh i cant even describe how hideous it looks.

and i love that it has this slide thing. 

and the before surgery photo, neh... its better to keep ugly thing a secret hahahhahaha 

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