eid 2016


annyeong yeorobun! man, i know its been awhile isnt it? i completely forget that I even have a blog, i know its quite dusty here, i even coughed for a good 2minutes though. so this years eid was great, not as sendu as last year. I din even post abt my eid last year though, since its so senduuuuu LIKE I DIN EVEN HAVE BAJU KURUNG HOKAY but this year yay, satu pun cukup, I din even went out that much, im in my jersey and shorts for 3rd raya alrdy bah. I changed if people dtg rumah or if I went out. thug life I had there.
okay lets start with first day of eid. it was quite a hectic morning since my kampung aint got no water gosh tepaksa shower guna water yg tak flowing lol what a morning. we din took a lot of pic that day since I only spend my day at home waiting for people dtg rumah... yeah yeah PLUS ITS HOT(excuse which doesnt make sense at all)

whats with my face i look like squid gosh

crying at the cameras quality.... okay day two! day two was quite tiring. we, i mean my family and I went to rumah ke rumah and of course people kept asking my exam results, where did I studied, what course did I take.... hmmm.. okay.. and thats my cousin, the one with very bulat face(bcs her shawl is bulat her face is actually not that bulat) shes too pretty to be true, not my age, 3years older, ums student, a teacher to be okay what was that. I also went out beraya with my friends pikah umie and adib that day. theyre all so weird, yea

our first time taking pic dkt langsir, we were like, are we suppose to stand dpn ka blakang langsir lol

i can dab baby I can *dpn rumah org pulak tu

day 3. I din went out at all. just stay in my room, watching korean drama, Mirror of the Witch I reckon. in pyjamas, hiding in room, play with phone, yada yada yada
day 4. I went out with my girls. no adib this time, since he alrdy left for Kuching. and that one photo of us at the beach, I just couldnt stand the awkwardness of the photo of me being too tall. like, its not a good kinda tall, i weird kind of tall you get it. ah, amtenn, its. just. awkward.

day 5. im in pink with not iron black tudung bawal bcs im too lazy to go out but since my girls nak balik esoknya... hm.. klua lah.. I din even put on my contacts bcs yeah, too lazy to be true mygod my face with glasses is unacceptable.. geez

and... I din went out for beraya for the day after.... and finally went for a ramah tamah on the 29th Syawal. since I craved for raya foods kekekekke. I went with my girls hikmah and nisa, they both are former matriculation student, one from labuan(sama dgn me)and one from m kuching

henna I did the day before, cute isnt it

i miss raya foods alrdy

me and sister, legit one

sooo, thats how my raya went this year. not as mundane as last year though lol. glad that i get to spend the whole month of Syawal with my beloved one😳😳😳
ps ; upu keluar next week me so narvesssss. wish me luck! x

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