Panjat pagar


So today have been a very hectic dayyy.. Though its still 10am, im experiencing things i never did before. Not even in my dreammi imagine i would do something liddat. so today, as what the title said, i PANJAT PAGAR
Yupp, and oh its holiday actually. First day of holiday for exact. Or maybe not bcs still got class bah today. But me being over excited nak balik Sarawak, booked an early morning ticket so i din attend todays lecture and tutorial. Duh and ohh back to lompat pagar story.

So we arent allowed to go out bcs we din hantar borang permohonan balik awal. Like it would be so complicated bah, so we(my cousin and i) decide to not wasting our precious time that can be used to study by not doing all those remehs stuffs. If it was not bcs of this one kakak senior that escape the mid exam yesterday and lari jumpa boyfriend dia, this pagar thing will not happened. Bcs of her, the things went so complicated. Security sangat strict and all, they wont let anyone without borang things out like buhhh.
So, this one kakak has a very early morning flight at 730 went so desperate and decide to lompat pagar belakang blok a. Is2g! Im the only junior there. There were about 7 of us lompat pagar and thanks god i wore my jeans. First pagar, pass. But we have to walk to the main road. Jalan hutan kutttt. My new shoes got reallllyyy dirtyyyy i just my luggage and all. And oh i bawak lari my luggage yg 16.9kg! Yupp. LARI. U shouldnt walk, or u get caught. So we runn.. My make up dah luntur and all. My jeans got dirty my kaki tercedera. Man what a morning! And then the next pagar, to the main road. High one. Its not a normal pagar. It got dawaiiii man dawai. Thanks god my jeans tebal so it doesnt hurt that much. And lompat! Failed.i got 4/10 for my lompatan. And we rannn to car that wait for us. One of the kakaks dad. Hahaa hes so cool abt the whole lompat pagar thing man. And he drove us the the airport...
And unfortunately,we got there at 7.05. And that kakak earlier that got flight on 730 missed her flight and she had to buy new ticket which at 1230. Poor kak caca. Shes so nice and tall and prettayyy and i like her. And shes the one who lead us lompat pagar hahahaahaha good one kak!
Then we have our breakfast after the pagars thing at mcd. U know i dislike mcd so much idk but just. Maybe bcs it just sell burgers? Idk

Brekkie chicken roll. Small one! Tak kenyang

So here i am... Just arrive miri. And waiting for another flight to sibu which is next 10 hourss!!! Gahhh

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