sunday night rant


So hello its been quite a long time eh? Well, out of sudden, i feel like writing bcs idk i was reading the perks of being wallflower a moment ago, which was the second time, and suddenly have this urge to write. Prolly bcs Charlie is that inspiring....
So, I'm currently having my finals holiday. I mean like cuti semester, just yesterday. We also finished our muet yesterday though. All listening writing and reading test. The reading test is kind of boring like idk the passage is not as interesting as those in our english exam. Got stuck a bit over some tricky words like uh.... Shouldve read more tho.. And for writing test, a bit frustrating bcs i couldve write better for part B but fuck, there's only 30mins left for me to finish up my section A, which i haven't even laid my eyes on yet. And section A is2g is sooooo fucked up like... I never like wrting reports though hmm. And as for listening test.... Well, of course every years the speaker(i mean the speaker speaker not people who speaks)  will act like a bitch and disturbing my emotions and all and i can't listen clearly to what it said. So basically me every 5minutes 'the fag?' 'what?' 'what on earth?' 'man what' and the test over. Some of my classmates rushed out as soon as it's over bcs they have ferry to catch. The test was suppose to end at 1. And extended until 1.30 bcs of the fucked up speaker.
a breath-taking view from Miri's sky believe me its beautiful its just that my phones camera is low quality af keke

Okay... So I arrived my butt home this morning at idk 5.30 somthing? I took a damn bus from Miri to Sibu maannnn. Like bus. I took flight from Labuan to Miri and then bus from Miri to Sibu. Which is the first time in foreverrrrrr. Like something reallllyyy nerve-wracking happened that night.

had a really nice dinner before leaving for Labuan

And oh. My flight is at 8.35pm but delayed bcs plane act like a slut. We arrived labuan about 9.27pm. Then rush to get our luggage bcs our bus is suppose to jalan at 10pm. And fyi, the bus station is jauh af. Then we took taxi, and the taxi driver said he's going to leave us at tepi jalan, where our bus to sibu will lalu. Bcs if we went to the bus station, there will be no way on earth we can arrive by 10. So we just nod and he left us at somewhere at bus stop tepi jalan. And then things happened. And oh by the way, I'm with my two cousins, Nisa and Athirah. There's two cars stop in front of us. Like of course we all freaked out. And ran with our big af luggage. I feel like crying and all i can think of is I'm going to die. We stop running with our luggage and my cousin Athirah told me to call anyone. I can see the guy come out from the car and look at us. Then she gives the taxi number earlier and told me to call him. I did. And with my very stuttering voice i screamed 'pak cik! Pak cik! Datang sini....' And i can heard worriness in his voice and ask 'kenapa kenapa kenapa kenapa' repeatedly. And that moment, when i thanked my mom dad and God for this one taxi who stopped in front of us with two guy, saying they as well wanted to go to Sibu. And is2g i feel like hugging them and helping them with their luggage but instead is said, 'come here alrdy! There's two creepy cars there. And you know what happened, as soon as the two guy stand beside us, the two mysterious cars leave. Like thanks God. And we, being the real girl, ranted non stop about what happened to them. And these guys are apparently from our college too though. Hah. Andddd, we waited abt 15minutes then the bus came. Huhhhhh. Alhamdulillah... Finally i can breath in relieveness.
So that's basically what happened yesterday night. And tonight, I'm on my bed updating my blog with books and phone beside me. Like i din ask those two guys name though and would like to thank them a lot. And i told my dad what happened and he asked whre that guy lived. Lel dad. He probably gonna give this guy a big treat for 'saving' his daughter though, he said. And I'm pretty sure that would be the first and last time i will take bus. And all the way to Sibu, all i can think of is, the fact that I haven't brush my teeth and how I'm gonna sleep with my unbrushed teeth.'m trying so hard not to sleep since i feel guilty towards my teeth, by watching korean dramas on my tablet. Then i gave up bcs of the coldness. And i thought of Jiji a lot maannnnn. Idk, tetiba. Maybe bcs I'm to cold and my mind is unstable and duhhhh. I as well think what the hell is he doing at that time while I'm playing with my phone sitting on a very bad seat reminiscing about the days when i like Jiji a lot.
 Hahahahahhahaha bye.. I feel like reading againnn bcs I'm cringing so bad rn.......

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