suppose to be Friday night confession


Ya know when you like someone so much but then u don't hv someone to talk with bcs u might die or mentally unstable bc u forget how to breath and then die like hell man. I'm in that very situation right now. I prefer not to talk about this to anyone like i prefer virtually bah its safer and ill look mentally stable in this kind of way.
You know this one hot guy in my college which is so handsome and tall and all like totally my type except for the fact that he doesn't exceed 180 and that's okay bcs he looks tall enough. and i consider that as a yes-yes. Butttt, he got gf which i don't care its not like I'm gonna date him though he doesn't hv one. Like u know, just... I'm having a crush on him and he doesn't know my existance we just look at each other and i feel like not breathing but he looks normal and ok I'm weird what even.

I never tell anyone about this thing bcs it will make me lose my focus bcs swooning is not a right thing to do when ure a matriks student. Just one year bah. Study, makan, mandi, pergi tandas, physics and its 15 chapters per sem, quiz, exam and all you did in one year. There's not a even one second to waste on a mere guy. If sleep then yeah. I sleep for approximately 8hrs a day here which is odd for a matriks student. Like they usually sleep fo 5 to 6hrs jak bah. Hahahahhaha tu pun i still sleep in lecture hall. What the hell.
Okay thats so random. Soooooo, it's 5.47am. I woke up bcs of my roommate. She's crying over her grandpa and now were still in middle of mencari tiket, she pinjam my tablet, which i just renewed its data like at 5am. And I'm sure its almost hbs now since they gooogle sana sini, and i don't mind. I'm a good roommate bah kekeekkekeke
Alright. I dreamt of my crush last night. Well last night as in just a few moment like not moment like hrs ago. Okaywhat the hell. I'm starting to swoon even more over him bah ni lepas jumpa smalam. Forgive me dad. I'll try harder on pspm bcs ups is suck af don't even mention about my grades. I came here to study yeah so let's end this morning ranting which was suppose t be last nights post but then i slept while wtching smtm ok bye. Zicos hot af bye


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