So basically I'm writing this while laying on bed on one side bcs I'm far too exhausted of todays banks mission. i woke up at 9 which is undeniably early since i got a wake up call from my dad saying were gonna go the bank today. So i took bath and then helping my brother rolling some kimbabs while waiting for my dad to fetch me up. I rolled about two??? And the rest my brothers.

 And then went to Bank Simpanan Nasional(BSN) first to make new account book since mine is missing kekekek i get a pretty good piece of mind from my dad i swear... Then we went to Bank Rakyat, since on of the requirement(i guess) for matriks is to have a bank rakyat account, which i don't have one. So i bukak account baru hari ni yay. And the service was soooo good compare to bsn(i guess) and then we went to baitulmal. Bcs i requested for bantuan to melanjutkan pelajaran hahahahah that's what i wrote when they asked for 'untuk tujuan apa' ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

 Then we had our lunch, well basically just me bcs my dad is on his diet i guess hahahahaha i ate some tofu, kari ayam, and taugeh with tofu, yet again. And then, my dad(and me) literally forget about asking how to pay for matriks dekat bsn tadi. So we went back againnn to BSN. With such a hot weather i just ugh ok. Dah la pakai motor kut, since my dad said it's easier with moto. We went through traffic jams and all i just sigh. Before we went for BSN, my dad bring me to his office first. Since my dads office is in the same building with the biggest shopping mall in Sibu, i went for a window shoppping a bit then follow my dad to his office which is on 13th floor of Wisma Sanyan.

Then, we went to BSN. And asked how to pay for the matriks and the lady said to brong the surat tawaran, LIKE IVE ALREADY HAVE IT WITH ME NOW IT LA AHJUMMA WTF she said there's another borang wtf wtf there's no other borang la ahjumonim is2g then my dad said, we'll pay it tomorrow and went back. Oh before we went back, my dad went to this one kilang, i think it's Aik Seng or something??? Hahahahah he bought one kg kacang there. Hahaha. Anddd, as soon as i sampai rumah, my right feet is totally cramp though hahahahah. And did i ever mention that i get cramped A LOT AND EASILY NO? Okay now I'm telling ya. I barely walk like ouR house is on the third floor and i was struggling to walk ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and now I'm here in room, lulabying myself by writing hah ok till here annyeong ^o^
P/s : got some photos of my dads birthday yesterday ay 52nd birthday yo

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