PLKN !!11


im the one yg buat v-sign with both hand :p

Wow! It has definitely been awhile! Almost a full year(exaggerating), thank you to my followers for sticking around! Sooo, it's a new year lmao and it's February already. Didn't get to write on January since I'm struggling with the national service which held on 8th December until 14th February yg lalu. Duhhh. So ya know I'm an ex plkners. Don't ask me how's plkn bcs it'll just ruin my mood for the whole year. But I will post some of my photos in plkn huhukk with my new happening friends hehew.
Sooooo a few days until spm result come out ha ha ha im soo gonna die. Can Allah just take my nyawa the day before result I'm serious man suicide would be so embarassing so I'm asking in a good way. I know it seems pathetic to write this thing but frankly speaking I don't think I can face my result man. What if I failed one of the subject what if I didn't get 9As what if what if what if. It's just so frustrating just to think of it ya know like ugh fuck my life. I don't think I did good enough uh. Is2g if I ddint get 9As I'll just hang myself on my grandmas fan(if im crazy) well (if I'm okay) I'll just stay in my room doing nothing reflecting what I've done for like 5years in school and sleep for 3years straight. Well that's exactly what I will do t my life after spm result. What's yours?? You can share yours on feel free to email me! Xoxo 
P/s : I got crush in plkn and I called him tao bye

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