of having a 'splendid' spm result


Annyeong readers! So I have this sudden urge to write about my spm result though my result is bad as fuck. and it's been awhile since result dah keluar. But it's okay bcs that's my fault of being lazy bij and nappeun gijibae at school. I'm not that bad but ugh maybe my effort was not enough. Ha ha ha results are based on your effort though. So you can say that I was taking spm so lightly that I only got 5A3B1C+ Hahahahhahahhahaahahaha so stupid how come I got 5As only apuuuu this is just soo em em em em em em em em. I didn't even got A+ oh. Just A no A- just A. I got A for my bahasa mlysia, english, maths, sejarah and agama. Duh. Of courseeee B are biology addmaths and physics. Guess what, lets not guess I've already attached photo of result there so I got C+ for my chemistry haha ha ha ha. I seriously can't be a dentist la like this. Of course I'm pretty frustrated that I spend two hours just for crying session. Lol. I wonder how to pursue my study with just 5As hah form 6 is soooo out of the list. No form 6. I hate mingling with kids. Immatured and pretty ngegeh.
I'm just gonna wait for matriks and upu and ipg and spa what else. Ugh. So let's change the topic to 'how I spend my lifeless day after spm result' soooo, I just pretty much spend my day with watching nonstop korean dramas(Last years drama though. I watched it pretty late bcs since studied my butt off last year for spm kekeke) and some variety shows and yadayadayada

Sooo I'm now back on track, kind of settling myself again with real world bcs last year was a total hectic. Hahhahahahah oh well, that's all for now. Adios adios adios lavh lavh
P/s : I'm sooooo over tao don't ask why NOT THE REAL Hwang Zitao, tao the plkn crush oh

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